About Us

Li’s Natural Healthcare was founded in 1823 by the world’s renowned Li’s Family of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the mission of “Healing the World, Caring for Mankind”(濟世活人).  For nearly two centuries, Li’s Natural Healthcare has been recognized by many as the trusted brand and a global leader in natural healthcare and wellness.

Based on a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) passed down from generation to generation, we provide the best quality TCM treatments, natural products, and educational programmes to our customers.

Personalised & Holistic Treatments

We understand that you as an individual have specific healthcare needs affected by various factors, such as diets, work environment, emotions, and lifestyles. That’s why when you visit one of the Li’s Natural Healthcare Clinics worldwide, we will take a holistic approach to treat not only the symptoms, but also the root causes of your concerns to improve your health from the inside out.  Your treatment plan is personalised and specially formulated for you by our professional team of medical staffs. Each step of your treatment course is carefully monitored and adjusted to optimize effectiveness. Click here to find out more.

Natural Health Supplements and Cosmetic Products

Li’s Natural Healthcare is committed to providing our customers with the finest quality herbs and products.

Our range of natural Health Supplements and cosmetic products are specialty herbal remedies based on Li’s Family ancestral formulas, combining five generations of wisdom and modern science. These formulas were further advanced based on the Medical Director, Dr. Li’s 40 years of research and clinical practice to meet the needs of today’s generation.

Inspiring Education Programmes

We believe that education is the key to improving one’s health and lifestyle, that’s why we are dedicated to spreading our tradition of excellence in Natural Medicine to the world.  We provide our customers a wide range of programs such as TCM knowledge articles, health seminars, workshops, and formal TCM educational courses.  We also offer a specialty fitness class in Wudang Internal Kungfu and Taichi, which is recognised as an ideal exercise for strengthening the nervous system, reducing stress, and improving the body’s natural balance and coordination.

We actively work with institutions, the media and medical experts in Asia Pacific, America and Europe to raise awareness and share the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.