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I am a health psychologist from Australia, and practice in a holistic context. My interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine began with my own experience.
I developed a serious inflammatory arthritis following the birth of my children. It was frighteningly unresponsive to traditional western medicine.
After several years of struggling, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Li through a friend of mine in New Zealand during a trip to Auckland. My condition was improved dramatically after the first few visits. Then I decided to extend my trip for further treatments. Within just a few months, I was 10kgs lighter, vastly more energetic, and nearly off of all medication.
Over the past several years, both my practice and my personal health care have shifted steadily in the direction of alternative medicine. I work in conjunction with other holistic practitioners in this area. Dr. Li and I have developed deep friendship and have been keeping in touch even till today.

 -  S. Penny Levin, Ph.D, Melbourne, Australia