Uncover 200 years of Family Wisdom in Chinese Herbal Remedies


Why Li’s Natural Products?

When you choose Li’s Natural, you are accessing five generations of wisdom in holistic healing and natural medicine, combined with modern science to best target at your specific areas of concern. Trusted by millions for generations, our products are guaranteed to be of highest quality, to ensure most optimal improvement for your hearth condition.


TongDu Spine Health

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A high potency herbal formula specially designed to support spinal health and relief body pains caused by injuries and chronic conditions. This formula effectively promotes healthy blood flow, supports kidney functions and reduces fatigue. 100% natural herbal formula with NO artificial ingredients for a complete and holistic recovery.

Best selling spine supplement for almost half a century, clinically proven to reduce the severity of Spine Diseases including Spinal Stenosis and Disc Herniation.

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【Key Ingredients & Benefits】

Red Sage – removes obstruction in the spinal channel to promote blood flow for fast pain relief and recovery.

Astragalus Propinquus – promotes healing from injuries, reduces fatigue.

Antler – best known medicinal herb for 2000 years in supporting kidney functions, strengthening bones, and maintaining optimal health.


Medicinal Herbal Tea for Vitality

DSC05547_reseize Boost up your immune system, organ functions and calm your nervous system with this medicinal herbal formula. MADE IN USA using hand picked high quality herbs, this medicinal tea is made with well-researched and time-tested ingredients, the nourishing blend is specially formulated to improve vitality and well-being, restoring your body from the inside out.

Take it as a daily nutrient boost to support healthy organ functions, calm your nervous system and support your body’s natural stress responses, help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and optimal immune system.

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【Key Ingredients & Benefits】

Prince Ginseng – slows aging, relieves fatigue, and enhances the body’s resistance. Modern pharmacology shows that it has significant stimulating effect to lymphocyte.

Angelica root – enriches blood, promotes blood circulation and supports healthy the immune system.

Gynostemma – prevents high cholesterol, high blood pressure, improves heart function. It is also used for strengthening the immune system, increasing stamina and endurance, increasing resistance to environmental stress, improving memory, and preventing hair loss.

Astragalus – clinically used to strengthen and regulate the immune system, effectively reduces the chances of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), kidney disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Oriental motherwort – improves heart conditions, and reduces heart symptoms due to anxiety. It is also used for intestinal gas (flatulence), and over-active thyroid.


Individually Customized Herbal Formula

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Do you lack energy?  Do you feel sub-healthy, meaning always have certain symptoms but could not find an exact diagnosis nor a better solution? Are you seeking for an alternative and more effective way to stay healthy and be on top of life?

Everyone has a different body, at Li’s Natural, we believe that you deserves the best personalised healthcare solutions targeting at your specific areas of concerns to achieve optimal result. Customizing herbal formulas is one of the greatest advantages of CHINESE HERBAL medicine. Each herb carries distinctive healing property, a well-crafted formula work in harmony to produce the desired effects and provide deeper healing in a person’s body. Formulas can be in either raw herbs packages or concentrated herbal extract powder form for convenience of intake.

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Postnatal Herbal Dietary Supplement


Postnatal is a crucial period in a woman’s life, not only is it an extremely demanding time for your body, it is also a prime opportunity to restore and rebuild the body from within. As a new mum, your body is constantly facing demands such as breastfeeding, replenishing the lost nutrient reserves and blood from pregnancy and labor, going back to work, adapting to a new life and many sleepless nights. Not only will you need deep rest and joyful relaxation, you will also need safe and effective supplement which you can use to relieve postnatal exhaustion, naturally replenish the energy and blood you have lost, as well as nourishing and repairing your inner organs, so that you could feel rebalanced and restored again soon!

Li’s Natural 4-stage Postnatal supplements are based on generations of wisdom in natural medicine helping thousands of mums getting back on their feet faster and healthier. Each customized formula is 100% tailored to your body and conditions for best result. Each package comes with 4 stages of herbal supplements delivering best help to your body at the best suitable time.

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