Medicinal Herbal Tea for Vitality


 ■ Anti-aging

 ■ Enhance immune system

 ■ Improve organ functions

 ■ Calm stress and anxiety

 ■ 100% natural high quality herbs


MADE IN USA using hand-picked high quality herbs, this medicinal tea is a combination of well-researched and time-tested ingredients, the nourishing blend is specially formulated to improve vitality and well-being, restoring your body from the inside out.
Take it as a daily nutrient boost to support healthy organ functions, calm your nervous system and support your body’s natural stress responses, help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and optimal immune system.


【Key Ingredients & Benefits】

■ Prince Ginseng – anti-aging, relieves fatigue, and enhances the body’s resistance. Modern pharmacology shows that it has significant stimulating effect to lymphocyte.removes obstruction in the spinal channel to promote blood flow for fast pain relief and recovery.


■ Angelica root  – enriches blood, promotes blood circulation and supports healthy the immune system, promotes healing from injuries, reduces fatigue.


■ Gynostemma  – prevents high cholesterol, high blood pressure, improves heart function. It is also used for strengthening the immune system, increasing stamina and endurance, increasing resistance to environmental stress, improving memory, and preventing hair loss.


■ Astragalus  – clinically used to strengthen and regulate the immune system, effectively reduces the chances of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), kidney disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.


■ Oriental motherwort  – improves heart conditions, and reduces heart symptoms due to anxiety. It is also used for intestinal gas (flatulence), and over-active thyroid.


【Brewing Instructions】

1. Add one packet of herbal tea into the pot with 20 oz of cold filtered water.
2. Cook on high heat and bring the content to boil, reduce to low heat to simmer for 10mins.
3. Filter out the liquid into a cup. Add honey to taste.
Use either a glass, pottery, enamel or stainless cooking pot, no aluminum or cast iron. Herbal Tea packet can also be used in cooking herbal soups to add nourishment and taste.