Postnatal Herbal Dietary Supplement

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4-stage postnatal dietary supplement plan 100% tailored to your body for a complete recovery and nourishment for mom and baby.

Postnatal is a crucial period in a woman’s life, not only is it an extremely demanding time for your body, it is also a prime opportunity to restore and rebuild the body from within. As a new mum, your body is constantly facing demands such as breastfeeding, replenishing the lost nutrient reserves and blood from pregnancy and labor, going back to work, adapting to a new life and many sleepless nights. Not only will you need deep rest and joyful relaxation, you will also need safe and effective supplement which you can use to relieve postnatal exhaustion, naturally replenish the energy and blood you have lost, as well as nourishing and repairing your inner organs, so that you could feel rebalanced and restored again soon!

Li’s Natural 4-stage Postnatal supplements are based on generations of wisdom in natural medicine helping thousands of mums getting back on their feet faster and healthier. Each customized formula is 100% tailored to your body and conditions for best result. Each package comes with 4 stages of herbal supplements delivering best help to your body at the best suitable time.


【Why Should I Choose Li’s Natural】

• Handpicked High Quality Herbs – Don’t be blinded by the pretty labels and bottles. Be true to yourself and know what you’re taking for your postnatal diet. With Li’s Natural 4-stage postnatal dietary supplement, you know what’s in the pack and you can see it with your bare eyes. As a bonus, you also get a personalized 28-day menu used in conjunction with the herbal packs tailored for your body to bring the best out of your very own dietary supplement.

 Expert Formulation Tailored for Your Body  – Your body and birthing experience is unique and different from any other moms, why should you take the same postnatal supplement as anyone else? Your unique body needs a tailored supplement and dietary plan to best help you recover from pregnancy, labour, and after birth, restore the lost nutrient and blood, and repair your inner organs, so that you can feel rebalanced and restored again while producing quality milk for your baby!

•  Trusted Name, Best Care  – when it comes to postnatal care for yourself and your new baby, don’t settle less than the most trusted healthcare solution. With five generations of history in providing quality natural healthcare care for postnatal moms, Li’s Natural is here to care and help!

【How to Sign Up for My Own】

1. Fill out Postnatal Dietary Supplement & Plan Personalized Consultation Form, or contact us for more info.
2. You will be contacted by us for next steps.
3. Your information will be analyzed by our specialists to best formulate to suit your body [all information will be kept strictly confidential]
4. Your very own Herbal Postnatal Dietary Supplement & Plan will be formulated and delivered to you directly from door to door.