Tongdu Spine Health

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100% Natural Medicinal Herbal Supplement for Spine Health

A high potency herbal formula specially designed to support spinal health and relief body pains caused by injuries and chronic conditions. This formula effectively promotes healthy blood flow, supports kidney functions and reduces fatigue. 100% natural herbal formula with NO artificial ingredients for a complete and holistic recovery.

Best selling spine supplement for almost half a century, clinically proven to reduce the severity of Spine Diseases including Spinal Stenosis and Disc Herniation.

【Key Ingredients & Benefits】

• Red Sage – removes obstruction in the spinal channel to promote blood flow for fast pain relief and recovery.

 Astragalus Propinquus – promotes healing from injuries, reduces fatigue.

• Antler – best known medicinal herb for 2000 years in supporting kidney functions, strengthening bones, and maintaining optimal health.


Take 20 -30 pills twice daily after meals with warm water, unless otherwise advised by your health practitioners.