My Wonder Herbs Wheat Bag for Kids

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♥ Heal Boo-boos

♥ Reduce fever

♥ Soothe aches

♥ Relieve Flu/cold symptoms

♥ Settle tummy for a better appetite


Handy and helpful little “get-me-well” bag for busy moms and kids. Handmade with 100% cotton fabric and premium muslin filled with high quality handpicked ingredients, “My Wonder Herbs Wheat Bag” is especially designed to make your everyday life easier.
Designed and handmade by moms for moms, this wheat bag makes the perfect natural home remedy or a caring gift.
Removable, washable cover for easy cleaning.

【 Key ingredients & benefits 】


Organic Red Wheat Berries 有機小麥 – Smooth and gentle texture perfect for the little ones. When heated, the smell of wheat berries has a calming effect to soothe discomforts.


Organic Citrus Peel 有機陳皮 – settles stomach upsets, improves appetite, enhances digestive system.


Patchouli 藿香 – used in aromatherapy to ease anxiety, calm nervous system and regain balance.


【 Care & Use Instructions】


Warm: Microwave with a cup of water on the side for 30 sec. Test temperature before applying. Do NOT overheat.
Cold: Seal in a bag in freezer for cold treatment.


【Common Applications】


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Relieve the pain and prevent bruising and swelling by gently placing a cold “My Wonder Herbs Wheat Bag” on the affected area immediately after for 10-15mins. Always have a bag in the freezer ready to use. As a mom, you know accidents can happen when least expected.

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Wrap a cold “My Wonder Herbs Wheat Bag” in a thin cotton towel, gently place it on the forehead for ~10mins at a time, use when needed.


Better sleep & immunity

Rub a warm “My Wonder Bag” along the spine in an up and down motion, start gently and gradually increase pressure along the spine. This massage helps promote better sleeping, relieve body aches, improve blood circulation and enhance immune system for faster healing.

Relieve cold & flu symptoms

Place a warm “My Wonder Bag”on the 7th vertebrae of the spine counting down from the top of the neck (horizontally aligned with the collar bones) for 10mins, this is the pressure point called: Dazhui (大椎穴), It is very effective in relieving stuffy nose, coughs, headaches, and body aches associated with cold/flu.


Improve digestive system

Gently massage a warm “My Wonder Bag” in a circulation motion around the belly button, this helps release bloating, settle upset stomach and improve digestive system.


Relieve coughs

Gently massage with thumb on the top of the collar bones for 5mins, followed by placing a warm “My Wonder Bag” on the same area. This is the pressure point called  Quepen “缺盆穴“,which is effective in relieve coughs.